Radio Sale

Below is a link to a collection of ham radio items available for sale. I’m hosting this list as a courtesy for a friend, and do not own these items myself.

A few notes:

  • Many of these items appear to be in good condition and working. They were setup, and looked to be part of a working station. However, I did not test anything.
  • There are several Motorola HTs and other walkie-talkie style radios. Some look like they work fine, others may be for parts only.
  • The repeaters were connected to antennas mounted on the roof, so they are likely functional, but I don’t know for certain.
  • There are several misc. cables, parts, manuals, and other gizmos and gadgets. I really only noted down the more interesting items.
  • There is an assortment of antennas - a few larger ones in the garage, and up on the roof. There are also a few smaller mobile antennas with mag-mounts.
  • If an item is listed multiple times on the spreadsheet, it is because there are multiple items of that type.
  • The prices listed are based on the average price for sold, completed sales on eBay of used gear. As I don’t know for certain the condition on a few things, this average price takes into account the items being sold as “good”, “like new”, as well as “needs repair.”
  • I’ve also included a few photos I took. Not the greatest, but I was taking photos more as notes for myself, so they’re not really sales-brochure quality.

Google spreadsheet link

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