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26 October 2018 / Joshua Buhler / Travel
Earlier this month, I was able to attend the first annual Expedition Utah Overland Skills Camp, which my wife and I began to affectionately refer to as “big boy scout camp”. No merit badges, but lots of time spent out camping with a bunch of guys off learning new skills.
2 November 2016 / Joshua Buhler / Travel
This last weekend, a couple of friends and I took a trip along the Utah portion of the Transcontinental Railroad route. We planned to do a bit of sightseeing, as well as check out a few different bits of artwork along the way. I had been looking forward to this trip, as I’ve wanted to run this route for a while, but just hadn’t made it out there yet.
23 October 2016 / Joshua Buhler / Travel
Fall break this year has been a bit of a staycation for us. Sleeping in, working on projects around the house, and just hanging out. One day, we took the Bronco for a drive up to the Uintas, just cruising up the Mirror Lake Highway.
15 April 2016 / Joshua Buhler / Travel
“Well, they’re either out here lost too, or they’re out to murder us. Both seem likely right now.” Luckily, the folks following us around the trails west of Milford, UT weren’t out to murder us that night, and as a result, I’m still here to tell this story.