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Bronco Aug 14, 2023

It's been far too long without a Bronco in the garage. Having spent the better part of a year searching for just the right one and at a good price, the stars finally aligned. Thanks to Nick at Utah Motor Co., I was able to find a Bronco that ticked off nearly every box on my list, including the Cyber Orange. (Sure, color isn't everything, but it definitely sweetens the deal.)

The main requirements for me were getting the Badlands trim for the stabilizer disconnect, bash plates, sliders, etc., the Sasquatch package, and a 2.7L motor. I was originally set on getting the hard top, but with how difficult those have been to find, I settled for the soft top.

The family is pretty stoked about it, especially my daughter. Though, I think that's mostly due to the fact that ever since I sold the truck earlier this year, we've been sharing a car. She's pretty thrilled to have her own set of wheels again.

I've only had this thing for a week now, but I'm in love. Can't wait to get it nice & dirty. (And fwiw, I'm firmly on Team Soft Top. On a day with good weather, being able to pop the top in about 30 seconds is awesome.)

Urban camo.