Lake Mountain Radio Towers

Bronco May 29, 2024

Between work, kid activities, and trying to get my basement finished, I just haven't been able to get out onto the dirt as much as I want lately. Last night I had a few hours, so Mater, our dog, and I hopped in the Bronco, and we headed to Saratoga Springs to run up Israel Canyon to the radio towers. It's a pretty easy drive for the most part, but still fun.

On the way up, I turned off of the main access road just before the towers, and ended up taking the north end of Lake Mountain Communications Road up to the towers. It's a narrow shelf road that had a bit of a pucker factor to it at a few points, but otherwise it was a fun climb. The final push to the towers had some ledges to climb, and the trees were a bit close for comfort. The Bronco collected a few new pinstripes, but you might be ok following the same route up, as there's now a Bronco-sized hole through some of the overgrowth.

The section in red offers some great views, but it's a bit narrow in spots.

Once we reached the top, we hung out at the top for a bit taking in the views, which are fantastic. From up here you have nearly a 360° view, looking across Utah Valley, up in to Salt Lake, and pretty far off to the west.

The wind began to pick up a bit more, and we needed to get going, and headed back down the mountain. Mater handled the ride like a champ, so we split a donut at Maverik on the way home. Much-needed ride in the dirt, and while it helped, only made me want to get out on the trails again asap.