Silver Lake Flat

Back to School

American Fork Canyon Aug 16, 2023

Fun times for Cindy and I. First day back to school for the kids, so I took the day off from work, and we took the Bronco to play around.

It was a beautiful day, so of course the top had to come off. In the '94 Bronco I drove when we first got married, the top came off every summer. But, once the kids came along, that had to stop, as I no longer had any seatbelts in the back without it. Good thing the new ones solved that problem.

We headed up American Fork Canyon to do a little bit of exploring. We drove up to Silver Lake and spent a bit of time just goofing around on the trails just past the reservoir. Unfortunately, FR085 was washed out, so we couldn't take it over to Midway. Instead, we cruised the Alpine Loop, got some lunch, then took the scenic route home. Pretty good way to kick off the school year, even if the kids may not have agreed with us.

Headed up Milk Maid