October 24, 2018


I am speed.


The Pinewood Derby was always one of my favorite things about being a cub scout. Even when I moved on to boy scouts, it was always a bit of a bummer that we didn't get to participate anymore.

Fast forward a few years, and I'm now the Webelos den leader of our pack. And that means… Pinewood Derby! While Drew isn't quite old enough to officially join the pack yet, for all intents and purposes, we consider him an honorary member of our den, as he attends every meeting faithfully with me.

As our pack's derby drew near, it was time to start thinking about making cars, and Drewski knew exactly what he wanted - a Lightning McQueen car. We bought a couple of car blocks, glued them together to get some extra width, and went to work.

After a few days, and a few coats of paint, we had something that looked pretty good. Unfortunately, we cut the bottom of the car a bit weird, so the wheels weren't quite fitting in the fenders, but that wasn't anything a bit of a lift kit couldn't fix. Lightning was ready to race, and so was I. I had spent some time digging around in the basement, and found my old car. It needed a little bit of graphite to get the wheels spinning again, and had seen better days, but it rolled, and that's all that mattered.

Our cars weren't the fastest down the track that night, but that doesn't really matter. However, In my opinion they were the prettiest. I may be a bit biased though.

And call me overly sentimental, but I loved being able to watch a car that I built over 30 years ago with my dad, race down a track side by side with a car that Drew built with his. Hopefully in another 30 years, we can race three cars down that track.