Bronco Parking Sensor Covers

3D Printing Jan 27, 2024

I recently installed a new winch on the front of the Bronco. It's a Badlands Apex, and I used the Rough Country High Winch Mount. The previous owner of the Bronco had removed the winch when they sold it, but they still included the RC mounting kit.

My Bronco has the front parking sensors, but the winch installs directly in front of them. As a result, the RC kit includes a set of extension wiring harnesses and the parts to relocate the parking sensors back out in front of the winch where they can actually do their job.

However, as I was doing the install, I found that there just wasn't enough room to install the sensors according to RC's instructions. Their kit is based (obviously) around you also installing a Rough Country winch. As part of their installation instructions, they include a set of clips to hold the sensors in place, but even then, it still requires a bit of modification to the clips so that they'll fit in front of the winch. With the Badlands winch having a different case design, there really wasn't a way to use the included parts in a way that I was happy with.

After doing a bit of tinkering with parts I had in the garage, and research on various forums to see how others might have solved the problem, I decided to just build the part the way I wanted it. I fired up Fusion 360, started playing around, and came up with a design.

I'm still a bit new at 3D design, so it took a bit of work, and roughly a dozen different printed prototypes to reach my final design, but I'm really happy with the outcome. They fit great, hold the sensors nice & tight, and provide a nice finished look to the install.

I printed these things in PLA, and so far they're holding up ok, but time will tell how long they survive in the elements. But, they've made it through several weeks of snow, rain, and car washes so far. You may want to print these in a different material if you want to try them out yourself, but I think PLA will do ok here.

I've posted the files on Gumroad for download. They're setup as a name-your-price purchase, so if you put a zero in the price box, you'll get them for free. I honestly only posted them there as I use Gumroad to buy a ton of 3D files for printing, and I like having my purchases saved in a library I can easily access later. That way I don't have to worry about remembering where I downloaded files to in the future.

The files can be downloaded here: